My clinical work and outcome research in the area of anger management began in 1994. At that time, I worked at a domestic violence intervention program which was designed to receive both court-mandated and self-referred individuals who had a serious problem with out-of-control anger.

I quickly discovered that optimal outcomes were more likely to be achieved when I helped these clients reflect on and process the overwhelming feelings of anger. In order to help structure the process work, I created a worksheet. In most cases, men were instructed to complete the worksheet at home, to the best of their ability, so that they came to counseling ready to talk. During the early phases of counseling, participants hardly ever completed it in a correct manner, on their own. So within the context of group therapy, their answers were reviewed and the men were helped by other members of the group to fill in the blanks more skillfully. For example, if in the section on "confession" the statements mostly blamed the partner for their anger, group members helped encourage new ideas about his own mistakes.

An updated version of this worksheet has been converted into pdf format and is available by clicking on the link.







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