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Transformational Relationships is a book for professionals who wish to understand and manage the hidden interpersonal dynamics that occur during every therapy encounter.

This book is a mixture of case studies and research. Over 900 research studies or scholarly articles are referenced in the book's 366 pages. Dr.
Short packs this information into a personal format, taking the reader on his own odyssey as he discovers the power and value of relationships.

Though each principle has a great deal of empirical support, the book is designed to read more like a novel than textbook with many intriguing examples of complex client needs and straightforward solutions.

The book’s major thesis follows the lead of renowned experts such as Scott Miller and Michael Lambert, who have emphasized the primary role of relationship in successful therapy outcomes. Turning to social psychology, marriage research, anthropology, and ethnology, Dr. Short collected fascinating findings on attraction, attachment, bonding, likeability, and other core social dynamics. He then organized the information in a way that highlights its relevance to psychotherapy. Dr. Short weaves this information into a personal narrative, allowing readers to view his successes and mistakes, as stimulating case examples bring the theoretical concepts to life.

Listen to Dan Short read selected chapters. The free podcast can be found at the iTunes store.

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Scott Miller, Ph.D.
Author: The Heart & Soul of Change  The Heroic Client
"With all the focus on specific techniques and specialized treatment approaches in professional discourse and practice, Dr. Dan Short’s book comes as a welcome relief.  In clear, engaging, and clinically useful terms, Dan focuses on the most important and empirically supported ingredient in successful psychotherapy: the relationship. I not only enjoyed reading and learning from Dan’s personal and clinical experience, but also came away changed." 


 Sue Johnson, Ed.D.
 Author:  Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love
 "This book is not just another book on the power of the therapeutic alliance to create change. It offers a whole new way to view this key relationship. The clinical stories are fascinating and lay out how the attuned stance of a skillful therapist can open a brave new world for clients no matter what their issues and problems." 


 Jon Carlson, Psy.D., Ed.D.
 Author:  The Client Who Changed Me  *  The Mummy at the Dining Room Table  *  Creative Breakthroughs in Therapy
 "In an age dominated by artificial electronic connections, Dr. Dan Short highlights the importance of face-to-face connection. He provides numerous research-enhanced stories that clearly describe how relationships are at the core of health and healing. This moving, wise and thoughtful book provides the necessary ingredients for transforming lives." 
 Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D.
 Author: Trancework  *  Treating Depression with Hypnosis
 "Dan Short has many valuable new insights he articulates clearly by citing research and telling powerful stories that will no doubt move you."

 Authors: Neuro-Hypnosis *  Meditation and Yoga in Psychotherapy
 "We highly recommend this book, not just for the vast amount of useful information it contains, but also for the personal sharing from the author who gently invites his readers to grow along with him."

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