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A Book by Dan Short,
Betty Alice Erickson, and Roxanna Erickson Klein

Crown House Publishing, 2005  
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  Cloé Madanes
Author:   Behind the One-way Mirror  *  The Secret Meaning of Money  *  Sex, Love, & Violence  * Strategic Family Therapy
"A must read for every therapist.  The book combines clear, simple instructions with wonderful case studies and an emphasis on Erickson's belief in the inner strength and the unlimited potential of each individual.  The family anecdotes are precious." 


   Ernest Rossi, Ph.D.
 Author:  Psychobiology of Gene Expression  *  Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing  *  20-Minute Break
 "Hope & Resiliency is a delightful and deeply moving reading experience that facilitated peace and well-being within my own heart and mind.  I will keep it by my bedside as a daily refresher in the healing legacy Milton H. Erickson has passed on to all of us." 

   Jay Haley
 Author:  Uncommon Therapy  *  Art of Strategic Therapy  *   Jay Haley on Milton H. Erickson  *  Learning and Teaching Therapy  *  Leaving Home  *  Ordeal Therapy  *  Problem Solving Therapy  *  Techniques of Family Therapy
 "Another welcome addition describing the wisdom of Milton H. Erickson, M.D.,
by three authors who know his work well.  This book makes a connection
between his personal and professional life and presents detailed clinical
examples for therapists in the field."

   Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D.
 Author:  Teaching Seminar with Milton H. Erickson, M.D.  *  Experiencing Erickson  *  Milton H. Erickson
 "In this engaging book renowned experts, Dan Short, Betty Alice Erickson, and Roxanna Erickson Klein, shed new light on fundamental patterns in the work of Milton H. Erickson, MD. Immerse yourself deeply in this entrancing and timeless wisdom, and realize the power within."

Michael F. Hoyt, Ph.D.
Author:  Some Stories are Better than Others * Interviews with Brief Therapy Experts *  The Present is a Gift
“The keys to the kingdom!  A leading Erickson scholar plus two of the master's daughters describe the core strategies and techniques that underlie his legacy of healing and therapeutic utilization of clients' resources.  This brilliant book is a `must-read' for anyone interested in understanding and applying Erickson's work.  Highly recommended!”

Nicholas A. Cummings, Ph.D., Sc.D.

Author:  Focused Psychotherapy  *  First Session with Substance Abusers  *  The Essence of Psychotherapy

“As the era of well-meaning, but misguided victimology wanes, psychotherapists are rediscovering the hope and resiliency that permeate the timeless therapeutic strategies of Milton H. Erickson. The authors, family and insiders who know Dr. Erickson best, lucidly and impressively convey new insights into the philosophy of healing that is at the core of his psychotherapeutic genius. By understanding that healing is the activation of inner resources during the process of recovery, making life a continuous process of rehabilitation,  psychotherapists can markedly improve their therapeutic effectiveness and bring new hope to their patients.”

Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D.
Author: Trancework  *  Treating Depression with Hypnosis
"In this age of standardized and even manualized treatments, Hope and Resiliency provides a refreshing reminder about the importance of honoring each individual's uniqueness. The authors build on the creative and highly skilled work of Milton Erickson and do a wonderful job of making some aspects of his methods more accessible to the reader.  The case examples and family stories bring a folksy charm and gentle wisdom to the authors' clinically astute considerations of what it takes to do therapy well."

Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D.
Author: Therapeutic Trances  *  The Legacy of Milton Erickson  *  The Courage to Love
"This is a delightful introduction to the work of Milton Erickson.  It is remarkably clear and chalk full of practical examples and applications.  It is especially good at emphasizing Erickson's positive and remarkably creative way of accepting and utilizing all parts of a person's reality to allow significant change and growth.  I look forward to recommending it to my students as essential reading."


Hope & Resiliency has a broad relevancy that makes this study of Erickson’s work unique.  It was created using a team approach.  After the initial compilation of materials, the framework was shown to colleagues from many different areas to refine its contents.  Dan Short then created an international team of authors, from Italy, Germany, French speaking Belgium, Mexico, Spain, Japan, Russia, Latvia, and Brazil to write adaptations, creating a cluster of books, each reflecting a differing cultural milieu.

Each version of Hope & Resiliency uses the same core material and case examples; however, the original text has not been translated in the traditional manner.  Each version is an adaptation in which the local co-author modifies and tailors contents to address culturally specific ideas and concepts.  Hope and Resiliency is transformed by the addition of indigenous literature and culturally relevant anecdotes into a work that is specific to the culture in which it is created.  These elements provide individuality for each of the texts. 

The project is not limited by the personal experiences of the original American author, rather it represents the combined resources of larger numbers of highly talented individuals, and reflects the differing circumstances and ideas of people around the world.  Not only are the local ideas important to the contexts in which each version is being written, but with a background of familiarity novel concepts are more readily assimilated.  As much is to be learned from the differences as from the commonalities.  Cultural circumstances shape understandings, and this work exemplifies the universal relevancy of Hope and Resiliency.


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 ¯ Follow this link for a comprehensive list of source materials referenced in Hope & Resiliency.

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