A Book by Dan Short, 2021

Making Psychotherapy More Effective with Unconscious Process Work

A Book by Dan Short, 2020

From William James to Milton Erickson:
The Care of Human Consciousness


Chapter 6
by Dan Short, 2020, Italian
L'ipnosi e l'esperienza della liera scelta

(English Translation)

A Book by Dan Short, 2019, Italian

William James e Milton Erickson: La Cura della Coscienza Umana

English Version

Spanish TranslationCCS-6
Portuguese Translation
CCS-6 in French

A Book by Dan Short, 2010

A Book by Dan Short, Betty Alice Erickson,
and Roxanna Erickson Klein, 2005


Chapter 9 by Dan Short, 2016
“Resistance”: Solving Problems during Hypnotic Induction.


Entries by Dan Short, et. al., 2015
Directive Therapy
Erickson-Derived Theories Overview
Ericksonian Therapy


Chapter 27 by Dan Short, 2013
Finding Humanity in Darkness


The International Ericksonian Glossary
(Dan Short, 1 of 3 Expert Contributors), 2009  


Chapter 8 by Dan Short, et. al., 2006
Reflections by Friends & Colleagues


Chapter 22 by Dan Short, 2001
Mandatory Counseling: Helping Those Who Do Not Want to be Help


Chapter 10 by Dan Short, 1999
Hypnosis and Children:  Analysis of Theory and Research


ISH Newsletter, Vol. 43, No. 4
Interview with Dan Short by Katalin Varga


American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 62(3)
Whispering Hypnosis:
Phylogenetically Programmed Behavior and a Pluralistic Understanding of Hypnosis

Download free eprint here

American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 61(2)
Conversational Hypnosis: Conceptual and Technical Differences Relative to Traditional Hypnosis

Unpublished Manuscript, 2017

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Narcissism:
A Review Paper

By Frank George & Dan Short

The Power of Two: Dan Short interviews Paul Ekman and his daughter, Eve Ekman

TRANSES Journal, #3, 2018
William James. Au-delà et vers le cœur de la psychologie positivedes profondeurs
[English Translation]

The Power of Two: Marilia Baker interviews Dan & Aimee Short

TRANSES Journal, #1, 2017
Entrer en transe et expérimenter le flow
[English Translation]

Online Blog by Dan Short, 2013-present
Behavior Online


Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 2016
The Evolving Science of Anger Management

Psychotherapy In Australia, 2014
The Blood & Guts of Experiential Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy In Australia, 2013
The Evolving Science of Anger Management Also see: SAS-M

Psychotherapy Networker, March/April, 2012
Case Commentary, Case by Steve Andreas


Psychotherapy Networker, Jan/Feb, 2011
First Impressions: Getting off to the right start is crucial in therapy


The Milton H Erickson Foundation Newsletter, Vol. 31, No. 1, p. 11.
A Diagnostic Use of Automatic Writing

PESI Connect, January 2011
Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't: Achieving Successful Outcomes in Cases of Complex Resistance 


Psychotherapy In Australia, 2011
Alliance Formation for Cases of Complex Resistance

Psychotherapy Networker, May/June, 2007
Case Commentary, Case by Douglas Flemons


Psychotherapy Networker, 2006
Erickson’s Legacy: Strategic Therapy Rests on Skillful Information-Gathering


Milton H Erickson Foundation Newsletter, 2004
An Interview with Dan Short, Ph.D. 


Saludable Mente Disfrutando, 2003
Milton H. Erickson Trabajando: El Caso de Maw

The Journal of Sleep and Hypnosis, 2001
Abu Ali Sina: An Ancient Physician’s Use of Modern Hypnosis

Hypnos, 2000
Use-Oriented Thinking

Paper read at the
7th International Congress on Ericksonian Approaches, 1999
The Preservation of Dignity

Interviews conducted with Viktor Frankl, Lynn Hoffman,  Steve de Shazer, Insoo Kim Berg, Camillo Loriedo, Karen Olness, Yvonne Dolan, John Gottman, Brent Geary, Nicholas Cummings, Jon Carlson, & Don Micheinbaum published in the Milton H Erickson Foundation Newsletter (1996-2014)

Milton H Erickson Foundation Newsletter, Volumes 16-22, "Editor's Comments," published three times a year (1996-2001)
Book Review: Using Metaphors in Psychotherapy, Milton H Erickson Foundation Newsletter, Volume 14 (3), p. 12 (1994)
Case Report: The Boxer, Milton H Erickson Foundation Newsletter, Volume 14 (3), p. 8 (1994)


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